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TMT Steel bars, or for that matter, any Reinforcement Bars (Rebars) are used in longer sections for strengthening a structure. Our MHLAXMI TMT Bars are manufactured to have a Weight-per-meter (WPM) on the negative side of the tolerance range i.e., by -2% of the nominal weight as specified and allowed by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Hence, you get more length of MHLAXMI bars in the cumulative weight. This saves you Rs. 1400/- Per Metric Ton (PMT) to Rs. 2,200/- PMT.

Qualified & Approved

MHLAXMI TMT Bars are certified with the ISI Mark under the
IS 1786 : 2008 standard. The equivalent ASTM Standard is ASTM A615 Grade 75 & Grade 80 for deformed and plain carbon steel
bars for concrete reinforcement.


Flexibility in Design & Engineering

Capacity & Turnover

Installed Capacity: 100,000 Metric Tons Annually. 

Average Company turnover: Approximately 100 Crores ($11 Million+)

Quality assurance plan

“Assurance of Quality” is the company’s motto and for the same we have Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) developed by experts in the field of manufacturing & engineering. The quality control (QC) process starts at procurement of raw material where it is tested in our in-house laboratory for chemical compositions. Once approved by our Head of Department (HOD), it is processed further for manufacturing/rolling.

During the rolling process, tests are done on finished bars to control the manufacturing process in terms of delivering the most accurate form of rolling TMT bars. This practice of continuously testing bars at short intervals ensures both the manufacturing process as well as the quality of bars to be consistent. This is because the main standard here is to follow the ISI specifications formulated by the Govt. (BIS) for HSD steel bars (High Strength Deformed Bars) for concrete reinforcement i.e., IS 1786:2008. Properties and Compositions of the MHLAXMI TMT Bars fall under the specified ranges while surpassing standard qualities to achieve the best performance.

Thus, we proudly hold the ISI mark on every meter of our steel bars, etched on the surface, along with our brand name “MHLAXMI”. Below is a sample test certificate that shows the complete analytical data acquired by performing various types of tests at our in-house laboratory. See below the latest calibration report of our testing machines. Along with the test certificates that are provided with each batch of delivery, we also require that the consumer evaluates (see evaluation form below) our product upon delivery and give their valuable feedback to achieve the “Absolute Conformity” of the goods with assured quality.

Our TMT Process

The Thermo-Mechanical Treatment of MHLAXMI Steel Bars

The Quenching System

Similar to the renowned TEMPCORE™ or THERMAX™ processes, our rolling mill is equipped with a quenching system that works on the same basic principle. There are three steps to this process: Quenching, Self-Tempering and Atmospheric Cooling.


Quenching begins when the final section of a finishing pass outputs the bar into a quenching box. Within this, there are various nozzles that are powered to inject high-pressure water onto the passing bar. Rapidly quenching the hot bar forces a layer of martensite to be formed on the surface of the bar. Martensite is a microstructure phase of alloyed iron which is very hard in nature and provides strength to the bar.


The bar leaving from the quenching box has a gradient of heat throughout its cross-section – Higher Inner Core Heat to Lower Outer Surface Heat. As the heat flows from the core to the surface, the surface becomes ‘Tempered Martensite’ while the core is still Austenitic at this stage.

Atmospheric Cooling

While on the Cooling bed, the temperature of the bars keeps falling to the atmospheric temperature. This means the temperature gradient is still active and the heat is flowing from the core to the surface. Gradually the phase of the core turns from Austenitic to a Ductile Ferrite-Pearlite phase. While the out surface keeps self-tempering to achieve a more hardened surface. The combination of Tempered Martensite and Ductile Ferrite-Pearlite is the resulting Reinforcement Steel Bar which is strong as well as ductile.

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