Our Infrastructure

Machineries in rolling unit

Roughing mill

There is a 16-inches Roughing Mill with Three stand sets of which one stand is with 03 HI rolls and the other two with 02 HI rolls connected to a 5-ton Flywheel and Pinion stand altogether driven by 1000 HP & 740 RPM electric motor. The power transmission is through the reduction gearbox of a ratio 740/130 RPM. The bars of 32 mm diameter are rolled out from this roughing mill.

Intermediate mill

The 10-inches intermediate mill is equipped with 05 alternator-stand sets of 02 HI rolls connected to a 5-ton Flywheel as well and driven by a 600 HP & 750 RPM electric motor through the gearbox ratio 740/275 RPM. The bars of size 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm diameter are rolled out through this intermediate mill.

Continuous mill

The continuous mill comprises 05 roller bearing stands, with 2 HI roller bearing stands. The individual roll pair is operated by the 250 HP direct current (DC) motor through the gearbox. The speed of the rolls is controlled by the computerised operations of the direct current (DC) power panel. The bars of size 08 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm diameter are rolled out through this continuous mill.

Quenching box

The quenching box of 12 metres length having pressure water nozzles where the process of quenching is carried out. For the process of quenching, three high pressure pumps of 12 HP having discharge 150 m3/h (cubic metre per hour) are provided. 

Flying shear

The flying shear is specially designed to cut the bar of required length uniformly. driven by variable speed driven direct current (DC) of 175 HP which is operated through the necessary direct current (DC) control panel.

Pinch rolls

Three pinch rolls of barrel die 240mm / 340 mm driven by 40 HP direct current (DC) control panel by using Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. At various stages online temperature and speed sensors are provided for precise measurement of temperatures, water pressure and the speed.

Branding machine, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine and Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

For achieving accuracy in the design of lugs on rolls by using an advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. Due to this we get uniform spacing, height and width in lugs so that better bondage with concrete the bar can be achieve. We are supplying our steel with the band name as “MHLAXMI” with grade 500 or 550 and the ISI licence number at every metre length of the bar. This “MHLAXMI” mark on the bar is branded with special branding machine and can be distinguished from other brand steels.

In-house laboratory

The modernized and upgraded laboratory with Universal Testing Machine (UTM) of capacities 60 tons and 100 tons for testing physical properties are provided along with a newly integrated Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) of Bruker ™ make, Germany. It shows a chemical analysis of over 20 elements. Other calibrated equipment that are required for chemical analysis is allied with the same for manual testing also. The physical test results are obtained on a monitor and ready to print on a test certificate for dispatch. After every 10-minute interval, the tests for physical properties are carried out. The test certificate for a particular dispatch consists of test results of the bars that will be allotted for the delivery.

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