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Late Shri. Pukhraj Sakalchand Gandhi

Founder - Shri Karvir Nivasini Mahalaxmi Ispat Pvt. Ltd.

Since 1973, the company was very well established by Late Shri. Pukhraj Sakalchand Gandhi, a graduate in the Commerce field, along with his brother Shri. Sonmal Sakalchand Gandhi. Their tremendous contributions to commerce-related issues in society are very well recognized to this day. Their contributions expanded to social-welfare involvements as well as religious-welfare involvements. Being members of various Business & Networking organizations, they paved the path to success for their company.

Late Shri. Pukhraj Gandhi’s experience from travelling to Europe and understanding methods of Steel-Rolling & Refining provided the company with remarkability in the steel manufacturing process. He always stressed the importance of infrastructural development in rural areas of the Kolhapur district and nearby areas. “Increased construction activities within a city show its progress level. That is when its people grow the most.”

Experience and knowledge - keys to success

In 1995, the new unit named Shri Karvir Nivasini Mahalaxmi Ispat Pvt. Ltd., was established by Mr. Jitendra Pukhraj Gandhi along with Mr. Abhay Sonmal Gandhi and Mr. Uttam Sonmal Gandhi who are also graduates of the Commerce field. Mr. Jitendra Gandhi’s contributions are also recognized throughout the steel industry. His work in the industry has been proven by the success of “TMT” steel being introduced in Southern Maharashtra; therefore, he is recognized by Gokul Shirgaon Manufacturing Association (GOSHIMA).

He is a proud Founder-Chief Patron of the Jain International Trade Organization. Also being part of various other organizations, his work is qualified and has been proven for over 3 decades, thus receiving “The Most Progressive Entrepreneur Award” at the hands of our Hon’ble Ex-President Shrimati Rajashri Patil.

Shri. Jitendra Pukhraj Gandhi

Founder/Director - Shri Karvir Nivasini Mahalaxmi Ispat Pvt. Ltd.

Shri Mahalaxmi Steel Industries, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. The rolling mill unit was established in the year 1973 to manufacture rolled steel products viz rebar the steel bars, flat bars and square bars that has a square cross section.

The unit has expanded its activities since the year 1989 to manufacture HYSD (High Yielding Strength Deformed Steel). After undergoing the heat treatment process, the hot steel rod/bars are cold twisted and deformed. 

In view of the quality produced, the experienced workforce, M/s. Allied Engineering and the TOR popularly known as Toristeg Steel Corporation of Luxembourg offered collaboration and we were the licensee to use “TOR” mark on our steel bars. 

The steel manufactured by us is well accepted in Southern Maharashtra, Pune and North Karnataka. The new unit namely Shri Karvir Nivasini Mahalaxmi Ispat Pvt. Ltd., M.I.D.C, Gokul Shirgaon, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India was commissioned in the year 1995 to manufacture mild steel ingots popularly known as MS Ingots, resulting improved quality inputs of required chemical composition. 

Across all developments Thermo Mechanically Treated "TMT" steel bars has gained recognition and acceptance because of its technological advancement. We have commissioned manufacturing "TMT" bars as per the world class modern TEMCORE technology. This process imparts the better strength and elongation unparalleled by any other process.

The machinery and the thermo quenching system selected imparts the perfection mechanical properties as the standard IS-1786. The total system is automated and controlled by various operating systems.

The new unit was commissioned in July 2006. There are various units in this sector, however we would highlight the specialty of our TMT bars and the services offered by us. The same can improve the quality of construction and reduce cost.

Board of Directors

Mr. Jitendra Pukhraj Gandhi

Managing Director


Mr. Abhishek Jitendra Gandhi

Technical Director

Mr. Abhay Sonmal Gandhi


Mr. Jayesh Abhay Gandhi



Mr. Uttam Sonmal Gandhi


Community Welfare

In 2006, the Gandhi family constructed and set up a Jain Temple. Tirthankar Shri Kunthunath Bhagwan as the Mulnayak of the Temple, the temple is named as Shri Kunthunath-Gautam Labdhi-Babeshwar Vihar Dham. This is located opposite the Gokulshirgaon MIDC on the Pune-Bangalore highway.

This Vihar Dham also consists of a Jain Upashraya & Bhojnalaya (Jain Shelter & Dining) and an OPD Clinic open to all local citizens. The OPD Clinic provides medical services at very minimal charges. Similarly, the Jain Bhojnalaya also provides daily meals at minimal prices. The Jain Upashraya is for all the Sadhus and Sadhvis that are on their Vihars via this route. The temple provides calm & pleasant place for its Yatris.  

Kalash Mandir -
Shri Kunthunath Gautam Labdhi Babeshwar Vihar Dham

Shri Kunthunath Gautam Labdhi Babeshwar Vihar Dham or the Kalash Mandir, Kolhapur, is a Jain temple with Tirthankar Shri Kunthunath Bhagwan as the Mulnayak, along with Tirthankar Shri Aadeshwar Bhagwan and Tirthankar Shri Sambhavnath Bhagwan seated within the Kamal-Kalash Shaped Temple.

With the inspiration of the Pratisthacharya Param Pujya Acharyadev Punyanandsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb along with the Auspices mentor Param Pujya Ganivarya Vikramsen Vijayji Maharaj Saheb, the temple found its occasion, the “Anajanshalaka”, to be established on the Magh Vad 6 of 2062 or the 19th of February 2006.

Kalash Mandir
Kalash Mandir
Son-Pushpa Vatika

Son-Pushpa Vatika is the office and reception where Yatris can find information related to the temple, the Jain religion, the various programs/events held by the community and other knowledge-based information such as books and handheld notes. Yatris can also find the opportunity to donate any items, clothes, books, grains for bird feeding or Jeev Daya and/or just monies in the name of various welfare activities performed at and on behalf of the Temple.

Navratna Bhojankaksh

Navratna Bhojankaksh is the dining hall where daily Jain meals are provided to the Yatris at very minimal charges. The food is prepared & served fresh. Other Jain snack items are kept ready for purchase.

The Bhojankaksh also provides Gochari for Sadhus & Sadhvis as it is situated away from the city. Other proceeds such as Taps, Fasting, or Ayambil foods are also available here. The Yatris can take the benefits of this Dining strictly during open hours only, i.e., only after Navakarshi time aka Sunrise time and before Chouvihar time aka Sunset time. Menu requests can be made but are subject to be accpeted by the rights of the office only.

Navratna Bhojankaksh
Navratna Bhojankaksh
Pujya Bhiki-Sakal Atithi Bhavan

Pujya Bhiki-Sakal Atithi Bhavan is the Common Hall or Shelter area commonly equipped by Sadhus & Sadhvis who are on their Vihars passing this route.

Atithi Bhavan
Atithi Bhavan
OPD or Clinic -
Shri Babeshwar Seva Dham

Shri Babeshwar Seva Dham is the OPD or Clinic open to the public to get general diagnostics for free and/or treatments with minimal charges if required. There is a doctor and a nurse with a fully equipped general medicinal ward. Other specialised doctors do visit rounds during specific days of the week. On average, the OPD welcomes about 80 patients from nearby villages and towns daily.

Shri Babeshwar Seva Dham
Shri Babeshwar Seva Dham

Our journey


First rolling mill unit manufacturing Flat, Round & Square bars named “Shri Mahalaxmi Steel Industries” situated in Uchgaon, Kolhapur.


Round bars changed to ribbed and twisted bars or a.k.a. Cold-Twisted Bars (CTD Bars) for better strength and bondage with concrete.


Collaboration with M/s. Tor-Istag Steel Corporation of Luxembourg via M/s. Tor Allied Engineering to claim the TOR-40 trademark in India. This introduced the TOR bars for the first time in India by the name of “Mahalaxmi TOR bars”.


Commissioning of Electric Induction furnace to manufacture refined steel ingots that were later rolled into long products. Named under “Shri Karvir Nivasini Mahalaxmi Ispat Pvt. Ltd.” located in Gokulshirgaon MIDC, Kolhapur.


Commissioning of Rolling mill unit to manufacture TMT bars via the Tempcore technology.


Upgradation of the capacity of the Induction furnace to match the upgraded & higher speeds of the rolling mill.

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